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Paul Rackham


Personal Message from Paul (17/10/2006)

Dear All,

I would like to thank everyone for their support and help since I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2004.

I would especially like to thank Egg, Umbleja, Dick Pexton, Wiggers and the committee.

Special thanks to ED for his generocity in thinking of me at HIS birthday do when he organised a raffle and passed the money to me "for me to use for my family to go out, have fun or have a meal".

Ed we used the money for a family night in with a Chinese Takeaway.

I am struggling with my left leg (the one I had cancer in) at the moment and I cannot put any pressure on it at present. I am also having trouble with my left eye, I cannot focus it and I have had to have a CT scan on it. The eye is not the correct shape (it was before the cancer) and I am having bad pains in it.

Thank you all again. I hope to see you at the next home game.

Paul Rackham


Many of the club members will know Paul, a popular prop forward who played many times at all levels for the club. Recently he was diagnosed with cancer and at this time he is currently confined to a wheelchair. He is in constant pain and can no longer walk, although so far this season, he has managed to attend most home games.

He has Plasmocytoma in his femur and Histiocytosis X in his body. He has undergone radiotherapy, although the cancer has caused his femur to fracture, which has now been pinned and bolted, but required a further operation in November.

He is scheduled to undergo Chemotherapy in January.

The club are supporting Paul in a number of ways and should anyone wish to pass on any messages to Paul or give any donation, then please contact Simon Wigley

Alternatively, messages can be passed on via the Contact area of this website

All at the club pass on our best wishes to Paul and hope for a full recovery.


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